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Tuesday, October 12, 2021

This handsome dog is a German Shorthaired Pointer Mix. Some people believe he is a pure breed. Some think his ears are too small to be a Pointer’s. Either way, we love him. We adopted Hans when he was about 2 years old. We were moving to a remote mountain location and we thought our family of 2 dogs needed a “big dog” as a companion. We saw Hans at the Humane Society of Wenatchee website and reserved him. My partner drove 3 hours with the intent of meeting Hans. However, when he got there, Hans was nowhere to be found. There was a mixup. Hans was shipped off to Seattle with a vanful of other dogs for an adoption event. My partner called me frantic and stated I had to get Hans from the adoption event. I arrived with 5 minute to spare and Hans was our new “#adoptdontshop” rescue dog.

We decided to keep Hans’ shelter name. He was full grown but weighed only 45 lbs. In my car, he ate a loaf of bread and some apples. I had forgotten that I had some groceries in the back seat. Poor guy was starving. The shelter warned us that Hans exhibited food aggression at the shelter. We never witnessed this in the 8 years or so that we’ve rehomed Hans. He is gentle. We suspect he was surrendered by his owner because he is afraid of gunfire. His former family wanted him to be a bird dog. And really, Hans is a bird dog. Just don’t let him hear loud bangs. He is always aware of grouse, crows, eagles and hawks that fly over our property. Hans also hates coyotes. When coyotes howl, Hans barks his “big dog bark” and shows the coyotes our property lines. Upon waking up in the morning, Hans barks from all the corners of our property. He patrols the lines withfences and also never crosses the part with no fence. He also respects gates that are left open. In the winter when snow mounds are just below the top of our fences, he respects the fence. He doesn’t jump. Hans knows where his home is.

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