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Our very first rescue was Aggie, a 12-year old Chihuahua/Dachshund mix. She has been in a physical shelter in Southwest Washington State for most of 2021. We rescued her, gave her food, shelter, and plenty of love in one of our foster homes. Shortly thereafter, we published her profile on Facebook, Instagram, our website and Petfinder. 

Aggie was adopted and lived in Spokane, Washington with 2 senior dogs and their mom for 4 months. However, we now have Aggie back at our rescue. Sadly, senior dogs often get bounced around. We are looking for a home with an established routine for her. We know she prefers females (she gets excited, wags her tail, runs around when female volunteers visit her). Aggie tolerates males but is really her happiest with females.

Aggie's story is inspiring. We would like to rescue more senior dogs who are often overlooked in shelters or returned. Some withdraw, some tend to guard resources. While Aggie had a happy ending to her story (for 4 months), there are lots more senior dogs we want to save. We are currently developing a Seniors for Seniors Adoption Program. We want to rescue more senior dogs from crowded shelters and find them a loving home. Because senior dogs often have special needs, we would like to pair them in homes that have less traffic and with responsible adults who may be experiencing same changes in their lives.

Found "furever" home at 10 years old

Senior German Shepherd
Rescued and rehomed at 7 years old

We are also inspired by one of our volunteer's rescue dogs. Willy, is a 16-year old Chihuahua mix living his best life in Oroville, WA. He was his household's pack leader once. Strutting his stuff and training the younger dogs. William is now content with long naps, softened food and enjoys being cuddled now that he is facing his senior years. 


Much like aging humans, senior dogs require special needs. Some may walk slower. Some require medication. Some may lose their ability to hear or see well. We match our senior dogs with people age 55 and over. Both groups have lots of love to offer. Our program offers low adoption fees!

Use the Contact Form on your right if you are interested in finding a match with our Seniors For Seniors Adoption Program.

If you'd like to help our senior dogs but unable to adopt, please consider sponsoring one or sponsoring our program! We welcome small monthly donations!

Send a donation to our Senior Dog Adoption Program via link here.

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