Everyone Needs A Snuggle Buddy

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Meet Duchess, our resident snuggle buddy. She’s very active outdoors and we are convinced, as her adoptive parents, that she will win any agility course for dogs. However, inside the house, she just transforms into this doll. She will snuggle on the couch. She will snuggle on the bed. She will snuggle on any chair you sit on. Do you need a snuggle buddy? Check out our dogs. You’ll find one you can foster, sponsor or adopt.

Dogs make the best snuggle buddies.

Duchess is one of our rescues from Yakima, WA. She was very skittish. She hid under the bed for days. When I adopted her, our other rescue Willy was out of town with my partner. After a few days in the city with Duchess, I decided go to the country and join Willy and my partner. Upon meeting Willy, Duchess blossomed. She started playing and forgot about hiding and shaking. She was still leery of the "man" in the room. However, for the most part, Willy took Duchess under her wing. Willy was quite a bit older at about 6 years old. We adopted him because he was one of the oldest dogs in the shelter. Willy "trained" Duchess. He showed her some agility moves. She learned how to pin other dogs down with her back side. Duchess loved giving Willy play bites on the neck.

Duchess is pictured below with Willy (the tan Chiweenie) and Hans, the German Shorthaired Pointer Mix. She loves her brothers. She is the best snuggle buddy.

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