Rescued Dogs

Since filing our legal documents enabling us to operate in Washington State in October of 2021, our volunteers started going to work rescuing dogs. Our fiscal year ends on June 30th of each year. 

To date, we have saved 57 lives. 

(Current as of December 2022)

Our first rescue is sweet little Aggie. She's a senior Chiweenie weighing in at 14 lbs and 12 years old. Aggie has been in a physical shelter for most of 2021. We are so thankful we found her a home with Paula of Spokane where Aggie lives with 2 furry dogs.

Here's a picture parade of our rescues:

Due to illness in the family, Oreo, a young Border Collie, was surrendered to us. He slowly gained confidence with his foster and now lives in his forever home in Lake Stevens, WA. His new dad is working with him so he matures into a beautiful dog.

Mocha - adopted! She now lives in a Seattle home with doting parents and human siblings.

Keeper found her new home in Oroville, WA (9/6/22) She has a new hooman mom and hooman sister who adores her.

Tom now lives with an older Border Collie in Yakima

Zeus was found emaciated with neck and leg wounds. With his great attitude and dedicated team of donors and foster, he was adopted with a healthy weight and healed wounds.

Lola, a shy Terrie mix now lives in Aberdeen, WA with doting parents.

Andie, now Jemma, is living life on a spacious ranch in Oroville, WA.
She lives with her new mom, sister, ponies, cat, and sheep.


Chiquita now lives in Bellingham, Wa
She lives with 2 dogs
Her hooman mom had a dog that looked like Chiquita.
Coincidentally, her predecessor was also named Chiquita

Nala - found new home in Oroville WA
Nala is 7 years old.

She now with new "pawrents" cats and chickens.
Nala is also a proud graduate
of our Seniors for Seniors Program

Painfully shy, Krissy is now coming out of shell.
She now lives with an extended family in Alaska that includes grandma, dad and kids.

It took a while to find the pawfect home for Sarge.
He now lives in Aenas Valley with a cat, dog and a mom he showers with kisses.

Another successful rehoming under our Seniors For Seniors Program
Ags is now living in the Key Peninsula of Washington State

Priscilla is now home in Seattle.
She lives with her new mom and a senior cat.

Wilson found his forever home in Federal Way, WA

He lives with a fellow senior dog. Wilson is the first graduate of our Seniors For Seniors Program

Tig is now living in South Seattle with wonderful parents.
He snuggles with a cat.

Happy adoption news for Timmy. 
He now lives in Mukilteo, WA with a doggie sister.

Happy news: River was adopted by a beautiful family in Oroville, WA
He now lives with 2 other dogs and 2 cats.

Susie was adopted by a lovely couple from Canada.
She lives with they have snow but Susie is managing with lots of sweaters.

Gus is enjoying life in Fox Island!
He lives with Taco and a caring parents.

Rosie was adopted by a couple from Kent, WA
They met us in Wenatchee, WA

Koda - 4 year old Aussie Mix
Adopted in Bainbridge Island
Enjoyed belly rubs and kisses his first night. Koda is transfixed with the
number of squirrels on the property.

Jake - 3 year old Long Haired Chihuahua Mix
Adopted by J of Seattle. Here is what J says about Jake:

"We had a great night! He slept in his bed next to me. I took him outside twice. He is eating like a horse! I must try not to overfeed which is my weakness. He is very playful and smothers me with kisses! Respect truly of cindy. Thank you for giving me the best dog ever! I love the work you are doing. He is my therapy dog!"

Jerry is Tricolor Chihuahua Mix.
His new parents lost their first Chihuahua some months ago.
They were ready to adopt again offered Jerry
a new home.

Tanner, 2 1/2 year old red Chihuahua
Lives with new family in Spokane, WA

Huckleberry, German Shorthaired Pointer, 18 months, 70 lbs.
Adopted and loving life on Buckhorn Mountain

Rusty, Dachshund Mix, 2 years old, 14 lbs
Adopted and enjoying life with visiting grandchildren.

Bear, Papillon Mix, 1 year old, 12 lbs
Adopted in Centralia, WA
Bear is now lovingly called Niner!

Tucker, Terrier Mix, 2 years old, 12 lbs.
Adopted! Congratulations to Rosalina of Oregon!
Tucker is enjoying his new life with 2 other dogs, 
and Rosalina's extended family.

Aggie, Chihuahua/Dachshund Mix, 12 years old, 14 lbs

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