Equine Sanctuary For Senior Horses

 In the fall of 2021, our nonprofit started out as a dog rescue in rural Washington State. However, in just a couple of months, it was clear that our community needed helping rehoming retired senior horses. In the spring of 2022, we took Skarner into our care.

Skarner is 20 year old Arabian gelding. He was surrendered by his owners when they could no longer afford to pay for his care. 

Skarner came to us in the spring of 2021 from a partner rescue. He was surrendered by his former owners who could no longer care for him. Upon arrival, Skarner had a dull coat and was underweight. Skarner happily dances around his beautiful retirement pasture. In the winter he always has free choice hay within reach.

Today, Skarner roams the acreage in our sanctuary without having to worry about food. He receives farrier and veterinary care as well as senior supplements targeted to his needs. 

In the spring of 2022, we are ready to welcome another senior horse or two into our sanctuary.

Help our rescue care for Skarner and other animals in our care. Donate using this link.

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