Senior Horses In Our Rescue

Thursday, June 1, 2023

Last month, we added a senior horse in our care. Meet Streak. She's a 22 year Off-Track Throughbred mare. She came from White Phantom Horse Rescue in Aenas Valley. She was surrendered with a body condition score of 1.

As you all know, we also have Skarner, a retired Arabian gelding in our care. On Mother's Day weekend, both received deep tissue massage from Silver Star Equine Massage. 

We are also treating Streak for thrush. All 4 of her hooves are infected. 

Do you love horses? Participate in Skarner & Streak's care. Consider a monthly donation. All proceeds will go towards vet fees, farrier fees and winter hay purchase. We are 100% ran by volunteers.

Donate via Paypal here (You don't need a Paypal account. Just a debit or credit card)

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