Female German Shorthaired Pointer Available for Adoption

Wednesday, April 12, 2023

UPDATE: Zola is learning new skills with her family in Idaho.

Zola is an active young female looking for her new home. This girl is very much like your typical GSP. She is driven, focused, and athletic. She needs a home were she can continue learning basic skills as well as recall in off leash situations.

Zola will thrive in an active home. She loves the outdoors and will need to be physically and mentally stimulated daily.

Zola gets excited in new environments. After a few minutes of redirection, she calms down and listens. She needs leash training.

Interested in Zola? Please fill at an application. Best done by copying and pasting on your browser: https://forms.gle/41x2WdsA1ugMRyLi7

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