Female German Shepherds Looking For New Homes

Thursday, April 28, 2022

Once upon a time, 4 German Shepherds lived on a farm in Okanogan Highlands. Their human dad showered them with love. Unfortunately, dad lost the lease on his property. He is having a challenging time finding new home for himself and his beloved dogs. Dad found one of our flyers. So here we are, 2 weeks before dad has to move. We called volunteers, other dog rescues, and contacts to find homes for these wonderful soon to be homeless dogs.

Nala is a 6-year old pure bred German Shepherd. She is 110 lbs.

Update: Nala was adopted by a local couple
(Yippee! We can visit her)

Priscilla is 10 years old. She is also a pure bred German Shepherd. She is showing signs of aging (arthritis and joint problems). Prissy is 105 lbs, current with all vaccines. Prissy just received her rabies booster from our local vet. She is cleared for adoption. She is not on any meds.

Looking for forever home

Prissy, 10 year old female
King Shepherd

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