Female Chihuahua Puppy Needs New Parents

Sunday, June 26, 2022

This baby girl is too cute for words. She is loving, curious, and is a cuddle bug.

Chiqui will travel a reasonable distance to find furever home. She has received her first set of vaccines (Distemper, Adenovirus Type 2, Parainfluenza and Parvo.) Upon adoption, please establish care with your vet as this puppy will need more vaccinations including rabies.

Adoption fee: $575 includes $75 refundable upon presenting us with proof of spaying. She is only 8 weeks. She is too young to be altered.

Chiqui's Bio

Breed - Chihuahua mix

Age - 8 weeks old

Gender - Female

Size - 3 lbs

Spayed/Neutered - No (too young)

Housetrained - Not yet

Up to date on vaccines (1st set, age appropriate)

Great with other dogs

Adoption fee: $575 includes $75 refundable upon presenting us with proof of spaying. Chiqui comes with a bed, leash, and crate.

Application available using this link

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Handsome German Shorthaired Pointer Looking For Forever Home

Saturday, June 18, 2022

Ruger is a handsome GSP mix that loves the outdoors. He is about 4 years old, altered. Ruger is smart and looks to his human for direction. He aims to please. Ruger craves attention and lots of human interaction. His first family had a ranch so he is okay with cows and other livestock. He knows basic commands.

Very young kids make Ruger uncomfortable (no bite history). He is fine with older respectable children. The ideal family for Ruger would have an active lifestyle. Ruger needs to lose a few pounds to remain healthy. True to his breed, Ruger needs vigorous exercise daily. He is not okay with chickens and rabbits and is untested with cats.

Ruger comes with a leash, collar, food bowl, and blanket. He will travel a reasonable distance to find "furever" family.

Ruger's Bio

Breed - German Shorthaired/Lab mix

Age - 4

Gender - Male

Size - 70 lbs

Spayed/Neutered - yes

Housetrained - yes

Up to date on vaccines 

Untested with cats

Prefers older respectable children

Great with other dogs

Adoption fee: $325

Ruger will come with blanket, food bowl, leash and collar

Interested? apply using this link. 

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Doggy Day Out

Saturday, June 4, 2022

Do you have an hour or two to spare? Volunteer to take a rescue dog for a short field trip! Our dogs were recently rescued from a Washington State shelter. They need human interaction so they may receive much needed mental and physical enrichment.

Please do take pictures with your pup date and share on social media. You may help a rescue dog get adopted!

Dog field trips are available in Oroville, WA. 

Here are some ideas for Doggy Day Out:

Have a pup date on your lunch hour

Take our rescue dog to the park

Work on leash skills with one of our rescue dogs

Go for a car ride

We're open to suggestions.

Pup dates are available by appointment only. We will do our best to match you with a suitable dog.

To apply:

You must be 18 years old or over

Dog leashes must be held securely at all times

Please keep your own pets at home

Our rescue dogs are NOT allowed to go off leash

Do NOT leave our rescue dogs unattended with children

Interested? Contact us here.

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Sarge Aussie Lab Mix In Search of Forever Home

Thursday, May 26, 2022

Young Sarge is looking for a new home. His people are moving and are unable to take Sarge with them. Sarge is active, playful and loyal.

16 months old

Sarge's Bio: 

70 lbs

Altered male

16 months 

Great on a leash (needs reminders)

Working on basic commands

Outdoor/Indoor dog

Okay with respectful children

Not okay with cats or chickens

Okay with other dogs. Prefers smaller ones.

Adoption fee: $200

Interested in Sarge? Apply using this link.

Want Sarge to be part of your family? Apply here.

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Female German Shepherd Looking For New Home - 10 Years Old

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Priscilla is 10 years old, altered. She is a pure bred German Shepherd (with papers). She is showing signs of aging (arthritis or joint problems). Prissy is 105 lbs, current with all vaccines. Prissy just received her rabies booster from our local vet in Omak, WA. She is cleared for adoption. She is not on any meds.

Looking for forever home

Prissy, 10 year old female
King Shepherd

Prissy's Bio:

Breed - German Shepherd (King Shepherd)

Age - 10 years old

Gender - Female

Size - 105 lbs

Spayed/Neutered - yes

Housetrained - yes

Up to date on vaccines 

Untested with cats or small children

Great with other dogs

Adoption fee: $150

Coming soon:
Chihuahua Dachshund mix

10 Years Old
Found alone in an empty house
Surrendered to a SW Washington Shelter in May 2021

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Coco The Husky Needs A New Home

Saturday, May 21, 2022

Sweet Coco is looking for a new home. True to her breed, Coco is loyal and affectionate. She is energetic and a quick learner. Coco will need a new home with a fenced yard as Siberian Huskies can't resist the urge to chase small animals.

Coco - Female Husky
2 1/2 years old

Coco's Bio: 

60 lbs

Altered female

2 1/2 years old

Great on a leash

Knows basic commands

Outdoor/Indoor dog

Okay with respectful children

Not okay with cats or chickens

Coco will do best as the only dog in her new home. Gets along with dogs her size.

Loves walks and absolutely has fun in the water

Very active dog but enjoys cuddles too

Will travel a reasonable distance to find
forever home

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Chihuahua Abandoned In Empty House - Dino

Thursday, May 19, 2022

This little lover was surrendered in May of 2021 in a SW Washington shelter after being found in an empty house. Dino is 10 years old, Chihuahua Dachshund mix. He will be available for adoption soon. We will be conducting behavioral and physical assessments as well as a vet visit and a bath at Dirty Paws Grooming in Oroville, WA. 

Resting in a home after a long stay at a shelter

Dino's Bio: (Available soon)

18 lbs

Chihuahua Dachshund Mix

10 years old

Great on a leash

Loves soft toys (he carries them around like a baby)

10 years old

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Female German Shepherds Looking For New Homes

Thursday, April 28, 2022

Once upon a time, 4 German Shepherds lived on a farm in Okanogan Highlands. Their human dad showered them with love. Unfortunately, dad lost the lease on his property. He is having a challenging time finding new home for himself and his beloved dogs. Dad found one of our flyers. So here we are, 2 weeks before dad has to move. We called volunteers, other dog rescues, and contacts to find homes for these wonderful soon to be homeless dogs.

Nala is a 6-year old pure bred German Shepherd. She is 110 lbs.

Update: Nala was adopted by a local couple
(Yippee! We can visit her)

Priscilla is 10 years old. She is also a pure bred German Shepherd. She is showing signs of aging (arthritis and joint problems). Prissy is 105 lbs, current with all vaccines. Prissy just received her rabies booster from our local vet. She is cleared for adoption. She is not on any meds.

Looking for forever home

Prissy, 10 year old female
King Shepherd

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Homeless Dog Wants To Be Center of Your World

Wednesday, April 6, 2022

This tan and white Chihuahua/Dachshund mix wants to be the center of your world! She is agile and quick on her feet. Aggie is sweet and longs for her forever home. 

Aggie was rescued from a SE Washington shelter where she stayed for most of 2021. She would do well in a one person household and prefers females. However, she does get along with our male volunteers, her male foster, and older kids.  She likes walks and trots. Aggie gets spooked easy so she would do best in a home with a fenced yard or with an experienced and responsible dog owner. A structured lifestyle would also help Aggie to be her best. 

Aggie's colors are more like a Chihuahua's. However, her body type suggests more of Dachshund look. Aggie loves cuddles and belly rubs. She is house-trained and knows basic commands. Aggie is wonderful on a leash.

Agg's Bio:

Breed - Chihuahua and Dachsund Mix

Age - 12 years old

Gender - Female

Size - 15 lbs

Spayed/Neutered - yes

Housetrained - yes

Commands: Come, walk (she gets ready when you grab her leash and harness), responds to her name, (stop or wait hand command), no, and bed.

Up to date on vaccines (rabies, distemper parvo, dewormed)

Would do best in a one-person household with no other animals

Behavior and attitude - Loves cuddles and belly rubs. Wants to be the center of your world

Last vet health check: 14/22 (not on medication, ready for adoption)

Adoption fee: $150 (Seniors for Seniors Program)

12 year old Dachshund/Chihuahua Mix

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Combat Cognitive Decline In Dogs: Use Food Puzzles, Snuffle Mats

Cognitive decline is a reality in dogs. Having 4 senior dogs myself (lost my 5th one 1 day before he turned 17), I try to find ways to encourage mental stimulation daily. Because a dog's life is so short, symptoms can feel overwhelming and with a rapid onset of symptoms. Yes, dogs can develop dementia or canine cognitive dysfunction syndrome (CCDS).

Dachshund 12 years old

Using the acronym DISHAL can help us identify symptoms:

Disorientation: Staring at walls, getting trapped behind furniture or corners. My Willy was getting trapped behind my toilet and tables. This was very hard for me to witness.

Interactions: Changes in interactions with pets or people. These changes include aggression, changes in frequency of interaction or irritability. Willy became socially withdrawn during the last couple years of his life.

Sleep-wake cycle changes: Increased sleep during the day and less sleep during the night. This was especially challenging for me. Willy would pace at night.

House soiling: Increased accidents inside the house. 

Activity changes: Pacing, anxiety, wandering, walking in circles.

Learning difficulties/memory loss: Inability to learn new tasks or forgetting previously learned skills.

Dog experts advice the use of food puzzles, snuffle mats, making a scent trail (drag something smelly on the floor with a nice treat at the end), train and re-train (sit, leave it, place, tug, fetch), chew toys, massage and acupuncture.

I would love to hear your experiences with your senior dog!

Willy at 16 years old

Even with advancing age, I try to take my pack on our daily hikes. I bring a baby sling just in case one of the little ones tire out. Here's a picture of my 11 year old girl after a hike up steep terrain. She naps for a while after such hikes:

11 year old Terrier Mix

Here at Fur Ever Yours Dog Rescue, we are trying to focus on rescuing senior dogs. Sadly, they are often overlooked in shelters. Senior dogs may withdraw or show signs of aggression in a shelter environment. Help us rescue senior dogs by donating to our Seniors for Seniors Program. Donate link available here.


“Cognitive Decline In Aging Dogs: What To Know - CVMBS News.” CVMBS News,, 15 Apr. 2021,

London, Karen. “Help! My Senior Dog Is Bored! | The Bark.” The Bark, Accessed 6 Apr. 2022.

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A Rescue Dog's Tale - Said Goodbye To Willy

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

We adopted Willy from Noah in Stanwood, WA in the spring of 2012. We originally chose his podmate Grant from pictures available on the internet. However, when we arrived at the shelter, William jumped on my significant other's lap. In other words, he chose us! The Rescue Coordinator encouraged us to go outside and walk with Willy on the trails. However, we really didn't need to. We knew we were going home with William. They told us Willy was bout 6 years old.

We said goodbye to our little Willy
Feb 2022

Willy was originally from the Yakima area of Washington State. According to his bio, Willy was "found wondering the streets of Yakima." Willy was in rough shape. He was a bit thin and had some dried up scabs as if he was in dog fights. It is hard to believe that this tiny 8-pound Chihuahua/Dachshund mix was on the streets scavenging for food.

From the very start, Willy was full of confidence. He didn't bark for 2 weeks until I took him to his first vet visit. There was a garden crew mowing the lawn. William did not like the lawnmower guy. During this time in our life, Willy traveled with my S.O. to eastern Washington. We were building a cabin on a mountain top. I stayed in the Everett area. Pretty soon, I was feeling lonely. I had to get a "girl dog." I adopted Duchess, a Chihuahua Terrier mix. A year later, we decided to move to our property. Since the property is in a remote location, we decided to adopt a "big dog." We adopted German Shorthaired Pointer Mix.... and then there were 3. Willy taught our big dog to tread lightly around small dogs. Our big dog literally bowed down to Willy. Two years later, my sister had to give up 2 of her dogs. One was a feisty Dachshund. The other was a Spaniel/Beagle mix. In a blink of an eye, our household had 5 dogs.

Our rescue dog Willy would have turned 17 this month.

Willy was the alpha of our pack of rescue dogs. He trained every dog that entered our household. He taught everyone how to play nicely. He commanded respect from all 5 dogs. From about 2019 onwards, it was apparent Willy was aging fast. In late 2021, Willy's heart condition worsened and his collapsed trachea bothered him more. His will to live and rule our house was inspiring. It motivated us to get together with family and start a nonprofit foster-based dog rescue. On February 26, 2022, we said goodbye to our little man. 

Thanks, William. 

Because of you, we have rescued 17 dogs including Wilson, a 10-year old Chihuahua who is partially blind. (Willy would have been 17 years old this March)

Because of you, I try to live in the moment.

Because of you, I open my home and heart to other homeless dogs.

Willy, in honor of you, we continue to save dogs.

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